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Explore "Ukrainology" - An Unmissable Course for Young Minds!

Get ready for an exceptional learning journey with our captivating “Ukrainology” course designed exclusively for Ukrainian schoolchildren. Embark on this enriching adventure starting from October 1, 2023, and dive into the depths of Ukrainian culture and history, all at no cost!

For All Ukrainian Schoolchildren - No Matter Where You Are!

This course is tailor-made for Ukrainian school-age children, whether they are residing in Ukraine or abroad. Wherever you are, the fascinating world of Ukrainology is just a click away.

Why Choose "Ukrainology"?

🔍 Foster National Dignity

Our course is a gateway to instilling a profound sense of national pride and dignity among the young minds of Ukraine.

🕰️ Uncover Ukrainian History

Explore the captivating journey of Ukrainian history through engaging lessons that bring the past to life.

🎵 Embrace Arts and Music

Immerse yourself in the world of Ukrainian arts and music, understanding their significance in our culture.

📚 Dive into Literature

Delve into the rich tapestry of Ukrainian literature and get acquainted with the works that have shaped our heritage.

🌍 Connect with Geography

Explore the diverse landscapes and regions of Ukraine, deepening your understanding of its geography.

🔬 Discover Science of Ukraine

Unearth the scientific advancements and innovations that have originated in our country.

⚖️ Grasp Jurisprudence

Gain insights into the legal system that governs our society and learn about our rights and responsibilities.

🌐 Celebrate Cultural Identity

By embracing our course, you become a part of preserving and cherishing our Ukrainian cultural identity.

Course Program

Unlock a world of learning with our meticulously crafted program comprising 35 enlightening lessons:

1 lesson
History of Ukraine
10 lessons
3 lessons
3 lessons
8 lessons
3 lessons
Science of Ukraine
1 lesson
5 lessons
1 lesson

Your Journey Starts on October 1!

Mark your calendars! Our course spans 35 weeks, approximately 8 calendar months, and commences on October 1. Join us every Saturday at 11:00 AM in an engaging online format.


Ready to Embark on this Exciting Journey? Apply Now!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture and heritage. Enroll in the “Ukrainology” course and be a part of shaping the future while celebrating the past. Click the button below to sign up and ignite your passion for Ukrainology today!