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Who can be a mentor?


  1. Individuals aged 16 years or older.
  2. Proficient in languages or school subjects.
  3. Willingness to assist children who need help with education.
  4. Ability to plan and organize lessons and homework in advance.
  5. Ability to actively listen to the student and provide feedback.


  1. No documentary proof of identity is required during registration.
  2. No documentary evidence of qualification is needed.  
    *We trust our volunteers and their good intentions.


  1. Assist children in their studies.
  2. Share knowledge and experience at a convenient time for you and with a comfortable level of regularity.


  1. According to the motivation system.
  2. An opportunity to gain valuable professional and life experience of mentoring.
  3. Certificate of a volunteer which is required for admission to some universities.
  4. Gratitude from thousands of children for your good deeds.

Mentor’s motivation system:


📄 Volunteer Certificate

🤝 Conditions for obtaining: 50 completed lessons.

🏆 Reward: Personalized certificate that can be useful not only in life but also for university admissions. 


📄 Best Mentor of the Month.

 🤝 Conditions for obtaining: Awarded on the first day of each month to the mentor with the most positive reviews from the previous month. 

🏆 Reward: Personalized certificate, a unique “Proud to be Volunteer” hoodie. 


📄 Best Mentor of the Year.

🤝 Conditions for obtaining: Awarded to the mentor with the highest overall score based on positive reviews (with an average score of 4.5 or more in the mobile application rating) and the number of completed lessons (with a minimum of 200). In case of a tie, the advantage goes to the mentor with more lessons. 

🏆 Reward: Personalized certificate, a post on social media, and a voucher worth 500 euros for cultural and entertainment programs, self-development, or hobbies.