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Find an online tutor for Ukrainian kids

Let’s Shake Hands is a project created by kids for kids to help Ukrainian children learn a foreign language and other subjects, aiming to assist children in adapting to their new living environment abroad. Join our initiative as a free online tutor for kids or explore the opportunity to receive knowledge and support from our mentors. Together, we can make a significant impact on young lives.

let`s shake hands

Kindness unites us

Many Ukrainian children have been deprived of the opportunity to continue their education and have been forced to leave their native country because of the war. Let’s Shake Hands project was initiated by our desire to help Ukrainian children return to their regular daily lives as students as much as possible.

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There are already more than 11 000 people have joined our project.

Please help spread the word to Ukrainians and their children, as well as to volunteer organizations that help Ukrainians abroad.


Where can I find a free online tutor?

We decided to create a space that would unite volunteer children with children from Ukraine. Thus, the Let’s Shake Hands App was developed to find free online tutors and share knowledge with peers. 

The Let’s Shake Hands App allows you to sign up for a class with a mentor in a couple of clicks. The class is online and requires having an access to Google and a laptop/PC or a smartphone. 

More than 4000 volunteer tutors have already joined us, and they are ready to help Ukrainian children with their adaptation in the new country right now

Download our Let’s Shake Hands App for IOS or Android and find a peer-tutor for the subject you want.

How can we help you?

Learn a foreign language

Relaxed communication and a variety of games with a peer will allow you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily.

Easy adaptation in a new environment

A student volunteer can support you in adapting and answer a variety of questions about life in the new country. Get exact and relevant answers from your peers.

Comfortable resumption of the educational process

Mentors will help to improve the missing knowledge in subjects, talk about the learning process and give you sound advice on how to integrate into a new school life.

Positive communication with peers

The most important thing is positive communication with peers, which take your mind off current negative aspects of life and energize you with positive emotions.

Reach out a helping hand

Become a mentor

Would you like to help Ukrainian children? Join our Let’s Shake Hands movement and become a mentor – teach, communicate, and support. You have the power to help Ukrainian children return to peaceful life.

Our mentorship program isn’t just about giving, it’s also about rewarding the incredible individuals who make a difference in these young lives. We’ve developed a motivating system to recognize your dedication.

Just download and register in our Let’s Shake Hands App to become a mentor. 

Take a helping hand

Become a student

Are you from Ukraine? Are you now forced to be in an unfamiliar country? Don’t worry, our mentors can help you get settled in and get back to normal school life. Sign up for a class with an available student volunteer in the desired subject or just to chat. 

If you are in Ukraine but planning to emigrate abroad, take a foreign language class with a tutor like you.

Just download and register in our Let’s Shake Hands App to sign up for a class.